Freescale Single-chip Solution Enables Energy-Efficient Lighting Systems

8-bit HC908LB8 microcontroller designed to improve effectiveness and reduce system complexity and cost

Global LED Industry Divide

According to a new study from ABI Research, by 2010 the global LED market may consist of two segments: a highly commoditized market in simple, inexpensive LEDs for mass-produced goods, and another sector dealing in high-end, high-tech innovations.


Alan Salzman of VantagePoint Venture Partners to Open the Sixth Edition of Cleantech Venture Forum in San Francisco, May 22-24; Event to be the Largest-Ever Gathering of Cleantech Entrepreneurs and Investors

Astris Energi Signs Co-Venture Agreement with Plasma Environmental Technologies

Astris Energi Inc. announced today that it has signed a Teaming Agreement with Plasma Environmental Technologies Inc. for the development of a real-world installation utilizing PET's hydrogen-producing waste processing system and Astris' AFC technology.

Astris Energi Hires Investment Banker Fraser Mackenzie

Astris Energi Inc. (OTCBB: ASRNF), the world's leading alkaline fuel cell (AFC) technology company, announced today that it has engaged Toronto investment house Fraser Mackenzie Limited to raise private placement financing for Astris' next stage of development.

Could Belt-Alternator-Starters Steal Hybrid's Thunder?

The devices allow for start-stop operation similar to hybrids, where the engine can be shut off at a stoplight or when idling, but at a price premium of just a few hundred dollars instead of the thousands required for hybrids.

$2 Billion Investment Needed for Hydrogen Infrastructure by 2012

This conclusion is one of the key forecasts contained in ABI Research's new study, "Hydrogen Infrastructure", which evaluates the production and distribution pathways that will be essential for any major fuel cell vehicle introduction, and reviews potential fuel sources for hydrogen generation.

Evergreen Solar Introduces Sunplicity Flat Roof Mounting System for EC-100 Series Modules

Offers Fast, Cost-Effective Installation on Commercial Buildings Without Roof Penetrations


The organizations pointed out that "the energy savings realized each year through energy efficiency measures since the 1970s are larger than the amount of energy we produce or consume from any single energy source.

Solar Unlimited

Solar Unlimited is and continues to be "Southern Utahs" most experienced and qualified installer ,dealer and sevice provider of all solar ,wind and other forms of alternative energy.


Forget the tiger in your tank - Saudis harness seed power by Terry Macalister of The Guardian, London Wednesday February 16, 2005

World Bank and UNEP - Release of New Wind and Hydro Models

World Bank, UNEP and Natural Resources Canada, released the new Wind and Hydro Models. These new project models enable users to better estimate the potential of carbon finance for their projects. The RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software now has more than 53,000 users in 205 countries.

Inventor Develops The Most Effective Lead Acid Battery Enhancement in Desulfator Technology

Green Builders and Solar/Wind Power users can improve the life of their battery banks. Build up of sulfate crystals is the main cause of battery failures. Now there is a new and simple solution. Battery Life Saver works on lead acid batteries to restore the battery to its original condition.

Beacon's First Smart Energy Matrix System Prototype Will Be Demonstrated in New York Frequency Regulation and Grid Stability Application

This selection by DOE and NYSERDA is an opportunity to demonstrate how our flywheel energy storage solutions have the potential to deliver superior frequency regulation services and improve grid reliability.

Beacon Power Announces Major Patents for Flywheel Technology

The composite rim is a key component of a flywheel energy storage system, as a rim's mass and ability to spin at high speeds have a direct relationship to the amount of energy that can be stored.

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QuickBOLT - Low Profile QuickBOLT

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