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Large-scale battery storage from Rolls-Royce to complement Zeewolde wind farm from 2025

• mtu EnergyPack system contributes to stable energy supply and supports energy transition • Battery park one of the largest battery projects in the Netherlands after completion with 2000m2 • Battery storage system expected to go into operation in autumn 2025

PV for RVs: Introducing One of the Country’s First RV Parks to Run on Solar Power

As the owner of the Glades Resort, an RV park in Moore Haven, Florida, Tom Tripoli noticed an opportunity to practice environmental stewardship and save money on his power costs by switching from traditional to renewable energy.

Lithium Batteries for Renewable Energy Applications

Considering A Lithium Battery For Your Electrical Back-up Station? Here's Some Facts You Need To Know

Greening the Automotive Industry: Sustainable Practices in EV Battery Manufacturing

This article explores how advanced inspection systems are pivotal in driving these sustainable practices by enhancing manufacturing precision, reducing waste, and ultimately leading to more environmentally friendly production processes.

Corporate Sustainability Strategy within the Renewable Energy Industry

We recognize the potential for growth, innovation, and development in the shift towards a low-carbon economy, and our position allows us to leverage these opportunities for the benefit of our customers and the planet.

Against great odds: Solar power in the Antarctic

Temperatures below -89 °C, winds over 200 km/h, extreme variances in hours of sunlight, with up to 16 hours in the summer and only two during winter, pose tremendous challenges for both research teams and equipment.

Turbine Blade Inspection Using Vibro-Thermography

This article explores the application of vibro-thermography as an effective non-destructive testing (NDT) technique for detecting both surface and subsurface cracks in turbine blades.

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Solar and Storage: Latest Market Surveys Show Dynamic Growth

The number of large-scale PV power plants is growing rapidly, as is the number of residential, commercial and industrial PV installations combined with storage systems.

Olympic Champion and Team Panasonic Brand Ambassador Michael Phelps Embraces Solar at Home with Panasonic EVERVOLT® Solar Modules and Battery System

The 23-time Olympic gold medalist has teamed up with Panasonic to convert his Arizona home to solar power as part of his commitment to building a more sustainable future for tomorrow.

So you want to build a solar giga-factory?

As U.S. domestic production lines for solar modules kick off, some prospective manufacturers hope to simply buy a turnkey production line. This “factory in a box” approach can work but still requires careful planning and expert implementation.

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Online Auction Features Pristine Excess Equipment from Renewable Energy Tech Firm

On July 23, Tiger Group offers late-model equipment and other high-utility assets from a Lakewood, California, facility

Smartville wins DOE OCED $10M grant for long-duration energy storage

This funding supports Smartville's efforts to repurpose retired EV batteries by demonstrating their viability in diverse applications while creating an ecosystem of EV battery circularity.

TrinaTracker ranks sixth with global shipments and third in key markets by S&P Global

TrinaTracker ranked sixth in global shipments in 2023, and third in key countries and regions, S&P Global said.

Prime Day Deals 16-17 July from NXTGEN Energy

NXTGEN Energy are excited to announce our exclusive Prime Day Deals on our most popular Solar Packages, available on July 16-17 2024. As part of the event, customers will have access to exclusive discounts and promotions on popular solar energy solutions.

Platte River Partners with Qcells to Bring Largest Solar Project to Northern Colorado

Black Hollow Solar will have capacity for 257MW of power for the utility's service region.

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Early Fire Detection System for Battery Storage & Charging

Early Fire Detection System for Battery Storage & Charging

Revolutionizing safety in battery reliant industries, our early fire detection system uses thermal cameras to spot early signs of battery thermal runaway. It triggers alarms and notifies users via text, voice, or email, ensuring rapid response to potential hazards. Proactive and reliable, our system sets a new standard in fire prevention for enhanced peace of mind in battery storage and charging environments.

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Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar has our global headquarters and module factory in Guelph, Ontario Canada, where we were founded, as well as offices throughout the US and Canada. Our expert teams provide a full suite of solar solutions, modules, and inverters. As a single source, we simplify your access to solar with complete system solutions backed by Canadian Solar's global expertise and bankability. We are here to stay, continuing to provide long lasting, world class solar solutions for years to come.