Sheri Givens - the Moving Force Behind the SEPA - An Exclusive Interview

She brings her insights and shares the history and mission of the SEPA and RE+ company in my interview that we held and recorded during the RE+ event in Las Vegas in September 2023.

Recent Advancements in Solar Car Technology

The automobile industry is currently undergoing a revolution, moving to electrification; part of this shift is including a focus on renewable power sources3. Notably, solar-powered cars, then, became an avenue worth pursuing.

Talking RE+ with LG

Under the campaign, "Hello, my name is…", LG's display is designed to create personalized, meaningful connections with the ESS industry, offering a greater understanding of LG Electronics USA's work and products.

Talking RE+ with Solis Inverters

Attendees can use tablets and phones to get online and check out the SolisCloud monitoring platform with cutting edge features for homeowners and PV system fleet managers.

Talking RE+ with Canadian Solar

Our booth is designed to be a hub of innovation and knowledge. Attendees can explore our state-of-the-art solar products and energy storage solutions, including next-gen solar modules and advanced energy storage systems.

Talking RE+ with BENY New Energy

Our booth is a must-visit destination at RE+ due to our presentation of cutting-edge protective components, electric vehicle chargers, and microinverter technologies. These technologies feature high protection capabilities, superior efficiency, and user-friendly attributes.

Talking RE+ with Panasonic EVERVOLT Solar + Storage Solutions

We're also introducing two new high efficiency all-black solar modules - the EVERVOLT HK2 available in 430W & 420W and the EVERVOLT PK2 available in 405W & 4000W. We can think of no better place to showcase our best-in-class offerings to the industry than at RE+ 2023.

The Future of Indoor Solar Cells

Light power from solar cells stands out as the most sustainable alternative to disposable batteries. Furthermore, making products that are self-powered through light eliminates the need for battery replacements and enables maintenance-free operation of sensor devices.

EP Cube the First Modular Residential Battery System

With EP Cube, homeowners can work with their installer to determine the necessary capacity and purchase just the right number of modules to store power, from 9.9 kWh to 19.9 kWh, with a narrow gradient of only roughly 3.3 kWh.

Solar Financing for Small to Medium Sized Commercial Properties

Between tax incentives, including those stemming from the Inflation Reduction Act, and reducing their utility bill, solar can help companies control costs and put more money toward other business objectives.

Energy Management Solutions for the Luxury Market

Not only do we provide battery backup and renewable integration, but we also deliver full-time power conditioning. This protects residences from the power fluctuations of the grid, ensuring optimal performance of all electronic devices deemed critical in their power plan.

HY-FCELL CANADA, Jun 05 - 07 2023, Vancouver, Canada

The exhibition will focus on hydrogen generation and infrastructure, fuel cell components and systems, their production technology, and application areas for fuel cells and hydrogen technologies, along with research, development and specialized services.

Producing Low-cost Green Hydrogen Using Renewable Energy

NewHydrogen's oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalyst replaces iridium with low cost, earth-abundant materials that meet or exceed the performance characteristics of iridium.

Automated Solar Panel Cleaning

RST is a fully automated panel cleaning technology with no moving parts that you can control from a cell phone or desktop. As a result, RST can clean panels multiple times a week, essentially eliminating soiling losses.

Nature's Generator Eco-Intelligent Lithium Smart Battery Management System

The Eco-Intelligent Li is the only smart battery management system that allows Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology to work with sealed lead acid battery (SLA) technology. Both technologies have their strengths and benefits.

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