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Will Redox Flow Batteries be a Widely Deployed Energy Storage Technology

As the penetration of variable renewable energy (VRE) sources into electricity grids increases globally, so will the need to manage more uncertain and variable electricity supply.

Electronic Recycling on a Global Scale: Collaborative Efforts and Success Stories

Global e-waste is currently around 53.6 metric tons in 2020. In another seven years, estimates are that we’ll reach 75 million metric tons. In the 2010s, the generation of e-waste increased by 60%.

Why Are Wind Turbines Being Switched Off? - Power Transmission is Just as Important as Generation

Despite reaching impressive milestones in recent years, there’s a massive problem with the wind sector — power wastage. In 2022, it was reported that Brits paid millions to switch off wind turbines as networks were unable to deal with the levels of power generated.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Understanding the Zero-emissions Automobile Industry

To support both the requirements for a scalable EU battery supply chain, and a reduction in whole lifecycle carbon emissions, greater knowledge of the possibilities and realities of battery recycling is critical.

Addressing Fire Suppression Needs for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The threat from ICE vehicle fires and filling stations is well known and documented. But what we do not know yet is the level of hazard that will accompany so many vehicles being charged all over the world.

Recent Advancements in Solar Car Technology

The automobile industry is currently undergoing a revolution, moving to electrification; part of this shift is including a focus on renewable power sources3. Notably, solar-powered cars, then, became an avenue worth pursuing.

Electrochemical Processes for Advancing Carbon Capture Efficiency

The typical carbon capture approach happens in two steps. The first involves using high-pH liquids to separate the carbon dioxide from mixed-gas streams.

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RE+ 2023: The Largest Clean Energy Event in North America attracts 40K attendees

With an outstanding lineup of speakers, innovative products and services, and immersive experiences, RE+ 2023 showcased its position as the pinnacle event of the industry.

U.S. grid-scale energy storage installations set new record in Q2 2023

The grid-scale segment drove the market and achieved 172% growth quarter-over-quarter. California dominated activity, with 738 megawatts (MW) and a 49% share of installed capacity.

Offshore Wind Industry Poised for Growth, but Economic Pressures and Tech Innovation Need to Be Managed

Speed of build-out is creating pressure on materials and supply chains, port infrastructure, and available construction and maintenance vessels. Bigger turbines and new technology drive bigger exposures for insurers which need to be understood in partnership with developers

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Orsted Completes 200 MW Wind Farm in Kansas

Sunflower Wind will be Orsted's 13th operational wind farm in the United States with capacity to power more than 70,000 homes

Are we losing our lead in the global renewables market?

By Jeremy Sainsbury OBE, Director at Natural Power As it's Scotland's Climate Week (25th Sept - 1st October 2023), it's a critical time to take stock and critically review where we are as an industry in the global context of our battle against climate change.

India Will See a Substantial Growth in Residential Rooftop Solar, and Utility-Scale PV Power Projects Will Seek More Efficient Products

Compared to conventional energy sources, solar energy has been largely cheaper in India due to the rapid decline in photovoltaic manufacturing costs. This allows India to generate electricity at relatively high interest rates.

SolAgra Contracts with University of Delaware for Agrivoltaics Research

These facilities will allow faculty and students in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to study the benefits of co-locating solar tracking systems with crop production.

Renewables Jobs Nearly Doubled in Past Decade, Soared to 13.7 Million in 2022

Employment expands despite crises and challenges and growing use of industrial policies can create more localised supply chains, a new report finds

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Roof Tech - Solar PV Mounting Systems for Every Roof!

Roof Tech - Solar PV Mounting Systems for Every Roof!

Now Roof Tech brings you the most innovative, watertight mounting systems ever developed for solar photovoltaic systems. Designed and manufactured exclusively for us by Japan's longtime leader in roofing technologies, Roof Tech products are 100% code-compliant and offer fast, simple installation and huge savings on shipping costs due to their compact, rail-less design. Learn more about our full line of versatile PV mounting solutions now available for residential installations. The next generation in rooftop solar mounting solutions."

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Stat-X® Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression

Stat-X® Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression

Stat-X® Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression is a solution for energy storage systems (ESS) and battery energy storage systems (BESS) applications. This includes in-building, containerized, and in-cabinet applications. The Stat-X product was tested for efficacy in putting out Li-ion battery fires. It was found that the Stat-X agent successfully extinguished single and double cell battery fires. This testing was conducted in parallel with a large battery fire testing program. DNV GL Energy conducted the testing and validated effectiveness of the Stat-X aerosol agent on cell level Li-ion battery fires.