Lithium vs Lead Batteries: Which is Best for Your Home Energy Storage System?

When it comes to choosing a battery system for your solar panels, you'll want to make sure you're making the best decision possible. After all, who doesn't love a good rivalry between two seemingly similar technologies?

SeaVolt to Launch a First of a Kind Solar Energy Test Platform

The test platform will be the first installation in the Belgian North Sea aimed at the large-scale development of offshore solar energy and is scheduled to be towed offshore, anchored, and put into operation to gather data for at least a year starting in August.

Sailing Seas of Data: Startup Charts Autonomous Oceanic Monitoring

The startup's nautical data collection technology has tracked hurricanes up close in the North Atlantic, discovered a 3,200-foot underwater mountain in the Pacific Ocean and begun to help map the entirety of the world's ocean floor.

After Soaring for Years, Solar PPA Prices Show Signs of Stabilization in Q2, According to LevelTen Energy's PPA Price Index

After increasing for over three years, solar prices decreased by 1% "While 1% is a small change, this is the first time since Q1 of 2020 that we've seen the market-averaged continental solar PPA price decrease," said Gia Clark, senior director of at LevelTen Energy.

Powering Pleasanton Corporate Commons With Clean Energy

A number of challenges stood in the way of the project through the development phases, including obstacles like tree removal, utility interconnection delays, and unique accommodations to mitigate impacts on tenant operations.

Let's Widen Our Idea of Energy Storage

We are backing ourselves into a very one-dimensional view of energy storage when there are so many other viable options to achieve the same benefits.

81 Inverters for 10 MW: SMA Equips Australia`s Largest PV Rooftop Solar System

Covering an area of almost 8 ha, earthconnect, a renewable energy engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) provider located in Newcastle, New South Wales, has installed the largest rooftop solar system in Australia.

Solar Water Pumps - a Way Towards Improving the Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services in Rural Schools

Solar Water Pumps were installed in Rural Schools in the Northeastern part of India to provide tap water in the school toilets and drinking water through water dispensers. Interviews were conducted with the students and teachers of these schools to understand the impact.

The Future of Indoor Solar Cells

Light power from solar cells stands out as the most sustainable alternative to disposable batteries. Furthermore, making products that are self-powered through light eliminates the need for battery replacements and enables maintenance-free operation of sensor devices.

EP Cube the First Modular Residential Battery System

With EP Cube, homeowners can work with their installer to determine the necessary capacity and purchase just the right number of modules to store power, from 9.9 kWh to 19.9 kWh, with a narrow gradient of only roughly 3.3 kWh.

Solar Power in The UK - The Fall and Rise of an Industry

Solar Energy provision in the UK is experiencing a boom as we near the middle of 2023. With the price of wholesale fuel fluctuating wildly, energy bills rocketing and natural resources becoming more and more scarce.

Solar Financing for Small to Medium Sized Commercial Properties

Between tax incentives, including those stemming from the Inflation Reduction Act, and reducing their utility bill, solar can help companies control costs and put more money toward other business objectives.

Community Solar Project at Carraway Apartments

The challenge was finding the right provider that could deliver a project that generates substantial clean energy and offers significant value without sacrificing parking availability.

Tandem Solar Cells: Unlocking the Potential of Dual-Layer Solar Technology

Like with all renewable energy sources, improvements need to be made to solar to make it a truly viable alternative to fossil fuels. One emerging technology which is promising to help do this is tandem solar cells.

Looking Forward at the Future of EV Battery Development

I believe silicon will play a big role in the battery development industry. Several companies are currently working on silicon anode materials, each with their own unique approach to the technology.

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