LG Energy Solution and Honda Break Ground for New Joint Venture EV Battery Plant in Ohio

EV batteries from the facility, over 2 million sq. ft. in size, to be provided exclusively to Honda auto plants to produce EVs to be sold in North America

Maintenance and Safety Considerations for Home Energy Storage Systems

Home energy storage systems, also known as home battery systems, have become increasingly popular in recent years as a means of storing excess energy generated by renewable sources such as solar panels.

RE+NorthEast 2023-Clean Energy Forum in Boston, MA

RE+NorthEast 2023 welcomed a large group of keynote speakers and policymakers who shared their expertise and opinion during structured group discussions and networking.

How Microgrids Are Helping Communities Achieve Energy Goals

Whether you're powering a small business, a college campus, or anything in between the concept of grid autonomy continues to gain momentum.

2023 NREL Industry Growth Forum Presenters Set To Pitch to Interested Cleantech Investors

In its 28th year, the Industry Growth Forum (IGF) is the premier event for cleantech entrepreneurs, investors, and experts from industry and the public sector to build relationships, showcase innovative technologies, and identify disruptive business solutions.

China Plans to Build a New Wind Farm and Develops Progressively Larger Turbines

A recently released report from World Forum Offshore Wind clarified that China is quickly becoming a major player in the offshore wind power market. The data indicated more than 70% of new global offshore wind power came from China in 2022.

The Effect of Soiling and the Importance of the Maintenance of Photovoltaic (PV) Panels

This white paper aims to shed light on the impact of soiling on PV panels and the importance of proper maintenance to ensure optimal functioning.

Sungrow: South Africa's Energy Crisis Catalyzes the Local Energy Transition

Loadshedding is a well-known phrase among South Africa's population. One crucial cause is that the vast majority of South Africa's electricity is supplied by a fleet of coal-fired power stations that have been overused and under-maintained for years.

Thinking Outside the Store

How DSD helped T-Mobile pursue its goal of 100% renewable electricity use by tapping into off-site community solar projects.

QD Solar reports on highly efficient perovskite solar cells developed for large scale manufacturing

The 24% efficiency for spin-coated perovskites cells and the 23.2% efficiency for slot-die coated, manufacturing-ready, perovskite cells have been officially confirmed by MKS Instruments/Newport in Utah, USA.

NEW REPORT: Q4 2022 Shows Positive Energy Storage Growth, But Policy and Market Headwinds Slow Clean Energy Potential

The U.S. clean energy industry installed over 25 GW in 2022 after adding nearly 10 GW in the fourth quarter. Project owners commissioned 451 new project phases in 47 states and DC in 2022

Wind Technology for Rooftop Renewable Energy

Requiring just 10 percent of the roof space needed by solar panels, the stationary, silent and durable Aeromine unit generates around-the-clock energy in any weather.

The Top 5 Roof Obstructions You Can't See With Satellite Imagery (But Can With Drones)

While it might be tempting to use satellite imagery to make an installation plan because it appears like a faster route, missing little obstructions results in more truck rolls, redesigns, and overall time to complete the project.


Storage systems are important elements of a resilient energy industry able to supply electricity even in times of crisis. There are various factors that contribute to this.

Capitalizing on the Adoption of New Technologies in Alternative Energy Plants

The use of technology has easily outpaced the network's capacity, introducing bottlenecks and inefficiencies that can be economically devastating. As alternative energy projects become more complex, wireless networks must keep pace.

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